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Crash Claims Life of Pilot

Long-time Adventist mission pilot Bob Roberts, who is featured in a video on this quarter’s Mission 360 DVD, was tragically killed in a plane crash this week.

It's Worth the Sacrifice

The great thing about working with teens is that I never knew what to expect, but I knew that God would give me the wisdom to deal with each situation as it came.

God's Blessings

Here was God telling me how much He loved me. There were many other times throughout that week when little things would happen, but they were just big enough for me to hear God saying He cared. He cared about me. Isn’t God good?

Leaving Ordinary

My time in Thailand has changed the way I see others, the way I see God, and the way I see His plan for my life. Whatever I do, whoever I am, must be completely and totally for Him.

God Has the Best in Store

It was our first time in Thailand, and we felt a bit of culture shock. Everything around us was so strange and different. I remembered a quote that I had seen in a brochure about volunteering. It went something like, “When we go somewhere as a volunteer, we want to change people and help them. But we should remember that we ourselves will never be the same.”

Becoming a Volunteer

I can still remember learning how to read a map when I was a little boy. It made me realize how big the Earth is and how many countries there are. I remember looking at my map frequently, and I would make plans to go abroad to learn more about other cultures and countries.

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Global Mission After 20 Years

One day while Rajah was holding a Bible study, a mob approached his house, brandishing sticks and swords.

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