Mission Spotlight®

Mission Spotlight®  (formerly the Adventist Mission DVD) features stories about the 13th Sabbath offering along with stories about mission from around the globe. 

While the 13th Sabbath offering is important, it's the mission offerings that play a major role in helping mission go forward around the world. This DVD is designed so Sabbath School leaders can promote the general mission offering in the early weeks of the quarter and the Thirteenth Sabbath offering near the end of the quarter.

  • To make it easier, we're identifying the Thirteenth Sabbath videos with the 13th Sabbath icon.
  • Some of the short videos are included as part of the longer videos. The footnotes at the bottom of the story list tell you which short segments are part of which longer videos.
  • Children's stories are still identified with the Children's icon, We appreciate hearing from churches that use this as their children's story just before church. And we appreciate hearing from the many youth groups that are using the music videos.


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He Called My Name

God mentions Saul by name to Ananias and tells him to help Saul, and He did something similar for me.

Centers of Influence

Centers of influence are currently being established in cities around the world.

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