Mission 360° DVD

The Mission 360° DVD (formerly the Adventist Mission DVD) features stories about the 13th Sabbath offering along with stories about mission from around the globe. 

While the 13th Sabbath offering is important, it's the mission offerings that play a major role in helping mission go forward around the world. This DVD is designed so Sabbath School leaders can promote the general mission offering in the early weeks of the quarter and the Thirteenth Sabbath offering near the end of the quarter.

  • To make it easier, we're identifying the Thirteenth Sabbath videos with the 13th Sabbath icon.
  • Some of the short videos are included as part of the longer videos. The footnotes at the bottom of the story list tell you which short segments are part of which longer videos.
  • Children's stories are still identified with the Children's icon, We appreciate hearing from churches that use this as their children's story just before church. And we appreciate hearing from the many youth groups that are using the music videos.

Current Stories and Videos from 2014 | 4Q

October: Passionate Praise

The Inter-American region reports more than 3.5 million Adventist members, making it the church's most populous region. God is doing amazing things here, and this quarter we will focus on the challenges and opportunities in the countries of Belize and Jamaica.

video here

November: People Centered

The main goal of a center of influence is to follow how Jesus approached the cities of His time. Jesus encountered everyone with a genuine interest for their well-being. Why should we do it any differently? Learn about mission in action in Argentina and Trinidad.

video here

December: Hands On

This quarter, your 13th Sabbath offerings will help support projects in the Inter-American region of the world. The Good Samaritan Inn in Jamaica is a center of influence reaching out to those in need in the communities of Kingston. In Belize God is using Adventists to spread the word of God throughout the entire country! Thank you for supporting mission!

video here

Checkpoint - Belize

On this Sabbath in Northern Belize, police have set up a checkpoint in front of the Adventist church. Their church sits right along the busiest road in town. A group of church members have planned something special to reach out to their community, and the traffic stop plays an important role.

video here

A Song of Salvation - Nepal

When Daya was younger, a simple song sparked her curiosity in Jesus and has paved the way to bringing others to Christ. Today, she is a Global Mission pioneer in Nepal. Her simple living room church is open to anyone who wants to learn more about Jesus.

video here

The Outcome - Cambodia

When God calls you to a daring mission, what will you say? Watch as Tim and Wendy struggle with the biggest decision of their lives. The call to a needy mission field puts their family at risk and threatens their life savings.

video here

The Three Pioneers - South Africa

The work in cities is challenging and it requires creative action to meet people's needs. The three pioneers in Pretoria, South Africa have been successful with their unthinkable methods. Learn how they make use of every opportunity to share life and hope.

video here

The Little Preacher Boy - Belize

Let's travel to the country of Belize to spend a morning with Jaheel and Joseph in their classroom. Watch to see how these two students share their faith with their classmates!

video here

Music Video: "Healer" by Carey Sayles

"Healer" by Carey Sayles

video here

Global Mission's Annual Sacrifice Offering

video here

Recent Stories and Videos

Videos from 2014 | 3Q

July: Faithful Members

Video: After many years under communist rule, government officials in the Euro-Asia region allowed the Seventh-day Adventist church to open Zaoksky Adventist Seminary. And recently, Hope Channel Ukraine received the right to broadcast in Ukraine and over Russia.

video here

August: Speaking to their Hearts

Video: Visit Northern Arizona and meet Allan and Kelley Fowler and find out how a road collapse is creating challenges to their mission to the Navajo people in Page Arizona.

video here

September: Let's Pray

Video: In the 3rd quarter of 2014, your 13th Sabbath Offering will support construction and expansion of schools, church and a Center of Influence. People in the Euro-Asia Region are eager to have you join them in prayer and support of initiatives that will reach thousands for Christ.

video here

City of Angels

Watch the impact a humble pioneer can make. As the ripples of his work reach many who may never have heard the name of Christ. From the conversion of a taxi driver to establishment of a house church and finally a 70 year-old man who had his life turned up side down.

video here

A Pioneer's Heart

Meet a modern hero. A contemporary David, who faces Goliah-sized challenges everyday. He left the coziness of home and moved to a remote tribe with a simple goal. To pioneer this area for Christ.

video here

Dreaming of Home

Philipus is from a small town in West Papua, Indonesia. He went to the city to pursue his goal of becoming a police officer, but God had other plans for him. One night, God gave him a dream to go back home and teach the people in his town about Jesus. Philipus is a church planter who has helped share God with his community. He has a heart for mission!

video here


Darron Boyd is a missionary working in West Papua, Indonesia. He visits villages all over West Papua and works to meet the needs of the people. Darron met a village chief named David and learned the amazing story of how his village came to worship on the Sabbath. Please pray as God continues to touch the lives of the people in this village and other villages though out Indonesia.

video here

I Want a Real School

Three amazing children, who pray for a school, get exactly what they asked for. The story unfolds with reassuring evidence of their unfaltering faith. Now they are praying for expansion, to include a secondary school.

video here

Music Video: I know you are

video here

Videos from 2014 | 2Q

Mission Spotlight: Mission in Motion

Video: Despite the challenges of reaching the masses in the Southern Asia Division, the Seventh-day Adventist Church is spreading the gospel through various methods.

video here

Mission Spotlight: Meet the Cities

Video: The Adventist Church is making strong efforts to reach the largest cities around the world. In 2014, church initiatives have began in more than thirteen cities globally.

video here

Mission Spotlight: With Open Bibles

From building classrooms and dorms for students to sharing the gospel on the border of Bhutan, this quarter’s 13th Sabbath offering will support the people of India. Watch to see the needs in this part of the world. We will even take a look at some projects you helped support a few years ago and the lives it changed!

video here

A Small Seed

On the border of Bhutan and India, people are hungry for the good news. As the hunger grows in this challenging area, Global Mission pioneers are teaching people about Jesus. Asha is one these pioneers who is working in her community to share the message with everyone around her.

video here

Probhat the Pioneer

From early mornings on the farm to leading Bible studies in local villages, Probhat lives a busy life. Probhat is a Global Mission pioneer living and working in rural India. His family and relationship with God are important to him. Join us as we spend a day in the life with this pioneer.

video here

Discovering Truth

Dapjur learned about the Sabbath by trying to prove it wrong. When he tried to share his new faith, his village kicked him out.

video here

Called to Fly

Join us as we spend some time with mission pilot, Bob Roberts! As we fly across Papua, Indonesia we will learn about the challenges and rewards of working in this part of the world. Please continue to pray for missionaries like Bob, around the world!

video here

Children Story - Hands of Hope

Sundramma has been deaf all her life. When Sundramma was growing up, her family never thought she would receive an education. Watch to see how Sundramma not only went to school as a kid, but now uses notes to teach others about Jesus.

video here

Music Video - Home

video here

Videos from 2014 | 1Q

January - The Key

Podcast: The Seventh-day Adventist Church in the West-Central Africa Division is passionate about sharing the gospel. Global Mission pioneers, Adventist schools, and dedicated church members all contribute to the success of the Church in this region.

video here

February- Focus on the 10/40 Window

The 10/40 window is still the least evangelized region of the world. There are many challenges that exist but Seventh-day Adventists throughout the 10/40 window are working to share the good news with their communities. Gary Krause and Mike Ryan, from the Seventh-day Adventist World Headquarters, explain some of the challenges and effective tools used to share Jesus with the world.

video here

Educating for Eternity

Video: Education is such an important element of the Adventist Church. Adventist education is being widely used throughout the West-Central Africa Division. This quarter's projects will help support school projects in the countries of Benin and Senegal.

video here

Happy 100 Years

Podcast: In 1914, David Babcock journeyed to Nigeria to advance the work of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Today Babcock University enrolls about 8000. Your previous 13th Sabbath Offering giving has contributed to this growth. Thanks for your support of mission!

video here

Janie and Paul Yoo

Janie and Paul Yoo are a missionary couple working in Lusaka, Zambia. This couple manages an eye clinic and dentist office. They get more than 20,000 visits per year. They use their practices as an opportunity to share Jesus with their patients. Please pray for Janie and Paul as they continue to work far from home and spread the gospel in Zambia.

video here

Word of Truth Church

Friday is from the country of Nigeria but now lives in Greece. He used to worship on Sunday was shown the Sabbath. Watch to see how Friday discovers the Sabbath from a string of events.

video here

The NEW River Church

Special thanks come to you from West-Central Africa. In 2007, your 13th Sabbath Offering contribution helped construct a new church building in Benin. The River Church was rebuilt and today the members are so grateful for your contribution. Thank you for supporting the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church!

video here

Children's Story - Tasty Bread

Ruth is the only Seventh-day Adventist at her school. One day at school, Ruth noticed her friend had no lunch. Although she didn't have much to eat, she decided to share what food she did have. Her generous act set an example and made an impact on the other children at school.

video here

Music Video - River Church Praise

A song of gratitude sung in a local African dialect in Southern Benin. The River Church members thank you for the construction of their new church building. They are in the process of building three new churches to support the membership in this region!

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