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Henry Ponco runs two websites: Beyond Patmos, which contains recordings of baptisms, testimonies, and evangelistic programs, and Rightly Trained, which is specifically for Adventists seeking training resources. (Adventist Record)

Visionary Australian Strikes Big With Mission-Minded Videos

Henry Ponco’s recordings were watched more than 1.2 million times in 2017.

By Vania Chew, Adventist Record

Describing himself as “a natural born geek,” Australian national Henry Ponco has always been attracted to technology.

“One time, I even taught my teacher how to use his brand-new digital camcorder,” he said, laughing. “It was a very high-tech thing back then!”

While designing a new website for his Seventh-day Adventist church — the Gateway Adventist Centre in Melbourne, Australia — Henry heard that Gateway was inviting international speakers to do evangelism training for the church members. He faithfully recorded each session, believing the training would have greater impact if it could reach a larger audience. He then posted the videos on the new church website.

“That might seem like an obvious thing today,” Henry said. “But this was 2006. YouTube barely existed.”

People began downloading the videos by the hundreds. Henry began getting warnings from the website host about using too much bandwidth.

“I saw a need for a website dedicated solely to Adventist videos,” Henry said.

But as a student, he didn’t have the financial means to begin a media ministry.

In 2008, Henry had just finished a Bible working program with Adventist evangelist Mark Finley and was now working in IT for AdventCare in another suburb of Melbourne. Newly inspired to share the gospel, Henry again thought about the possibilities of starting a media ministry.

“I still don’t have funding,” he reasoned to himself. “And I don’t know how to do it.”

But nothing is impossible with God, he says now.

A family member who always forgot Henry’s birthday happened to remember this one in June 2008. His relative surprised him by presenting him with the equivalent of three month’s wages. Henry is convinced that this money was a blessing from God because the relative has never remembered his birthday since.

He didn’t know anything about videos on demand. Then his boss asked him to do the necessary training to complete a work project.

Henry was convicted. God was calling him to begin his ministry.

Once his project was completed, Henry resigned and started two websites. Beyond Patmos ( is suitable for any audience and contains recordings of baptisms, testimonies, and evangelistic programs. Rightly Trained ( is specifically for Adventists looking for training resources.

“I want everybody to be able to access these materials for free,” Henry said. “I operate on a budget so that this can happen.” There have been days where Henry has gone without food or savings to keep his ministry going. But God has always provided.”


“A pastor repaid money he owed me,” Henry said. “He had no idea that I didn’t have any money at the time. When I needed a reliable car to transport my equipment, I had people knocking on my door to rent my roof for mobile phone antennae. They offered me just enough to afford the car. And did I mention that by some miracle, the videos for this website are hosted by the world’s fastest network?”

In the first year of Henry’s media ministry, 51,504 videos were watched and 14,226 were downloaded. In 2017, Henry’s statistics jumped significantly to 1,263,735 videos watched and 54,829 downloaded.

Currently, his website visitors come from around 11,000 cities in more than 200 countries.

“Use what you already have,” Henry said. “When I use what I already have for ministry purposes, God always multiplies it.”