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They Need Your Help!


missionary friend recently spoke with me about some changes that are taking place in several 10/40 Window countries. These nations, which until recently had been experiencing an increase in religious freedom, are now implementing a growing number of restrictions. I learned that churches are being closed, ministries are being shut down, and Bibles are being taken off the market.

After my talk with my friend, I felt very grateful for everything you’ve done to support Global Mission pioneers and Urban Centers of Influence in their efforts to share Jesus in these countries. I also felt a sobering sense of the shortness of time—that what we need to do, we must do quickly. Doors and “windows” can close.

Please join me in praying for our Global Mission pioneers in the 10/40 Window and for the millions of people there who have never heard the gospel. And if you can, please donate to Global Mission to hasten the spread of God’s end-time message in this very challenging part of the world.

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