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Back From the Grave

I closed my eyes, listening to dirt being shoveled into my grave. Faith in Jesus is punishable by death here—and I was ready to die for my faith.

A visiting Bible worker had shared Jesus with my family. We learned about the salvation Jesus offers, and after studying the Bible for ourselves, my wife and I eagerly asked to be baptized. But my family started to hate me, threatening to bury me alive unless I gave up my faith.

I didn’t, so my brothers dug the grave, and I climbed in without a fight. After the last shovelful, they told my weeping wife and son that if I died, I was certainly an apostate. But if I lived, they’d know that I believed in the true and living God.

The next morning, they dug me out and found me alive! I praised God as I climbed out of the grave and hugged my family. Shocked, they admitted that Jesus must be real. Now, 14 members of my family have been baptized into the Adventist Church!

Since then, I have dedicated my life as a Global Mission pioneer, sharing the gospel in this challenging country. Please pray for God to break down all barriers so that people here may accept Him as their Savior too.

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