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Malaysia: Joyful, Joyful

The children’s laughter echoed cheerfully in the new church building. They smiled more than they sang as Alvin  strummed his guitar. Even their families were enjoying the songs with their playful gestures. There was joy here, but it wasn’t as great as the joy Alvin felt seeing more and more villagers come to know Jesus.

When Global Mission pioneer Alvin Muaji first came to this village nestled in the mountains of Malaysia, he saw that God was already active. Although the village didn’t have its own church, there was one Adventist family living there. So Alvin began getting to know the people. He helped them with their work, taught basic English phrases to the many who wanted to learn, and prayed with them. He even taught the children marching and drilling exercises, and they earned first place in a competition between seven local schools!

Since Alvin began his ministry, a small Adventist church has been built on the hill overlooking the village. More than 20 people join for joyful worship to God here each Sabbath, and their numbers continue to grow. Because of you, Alvin can reach villages for Christ. Thank you for your support of Global Mission pioneers who keep the gospel moving forward throughout Malaysia and all of the 10/40 Window!