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Healthy Life Space

December 1, 2018

The staff at the Vida Sana center want people to live life to the fullest. Through a variety of lifestyle programs the people of Buenos Aires learn how to overcome bad habits and find peace.

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The Mission I'd Never Leave

November 30, 2018

13th Sabbath Offering mission projects in the Southern Asia-Pacific region, a center of influence in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and a recipe from the Mission 360º kitchen.

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​German Surprised After Praying for Sabbath Sign

November 29, 2018

“Yes, I am not keeping the Sabbath,” Vincenzo said to God. “But is it really that important?”

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Easy Green Chile Stew | M360 Kitchen

November 26, 2018

This recipe is inspired by the country of Belize. In this nation, people appreciate a spicy soup. Learn this easy to make a recipe that is sure to impress.

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November 25, 2018

In the heart of Frankfurt, people meet regularly at Kulturlounge for a new experience with each visit. This week they are cooking an international meal!

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A Good Example

November 24, 2018

An interview with the Global Mission coordinator for the Southern Ghana Union Conference. He brings a mission report from the region.

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Missing Ingredient

November 23, 2018

Caring for the community in Laos, building bridges to our Buddhist friends, and bringing health and healing to Lahore a mega city in Pakistan.

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Saved by Non-Christian Holy Book

November 22, 2018

In Elijah’s four decades of life, no one had ever preached to him about Jesus.

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25 Baptized in Exchange for a Leg

November 21, 2018

Phylis Odindo is joyful despite the loss of her leg.

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Miracle Bananas From Man in White Hood

November 20, 2018

Little Albert wanted bananas, but Mother didn't have the money.

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The First Step

November 19, 2018

While the religions of the East are in many ways different from Christian religions of the West, Christians share a lot in common with Buddhists and those of Taoist, Shinto, and Confucian backgrounds. Greg and Amy Whitsett share lessons on how to build bridges of understanding within these contexts.

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The Adventist Dog

November 18, 2018

The village's best hunting dog, Dolby, refused to work on Saturday or eat wild pig anymore. Find out how God used him as an example to the rest of the villagers.

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1.3 Million Patients per Surgeon

November 17, 2018

When Dr. Hayton arrived in Malawi there were only 12 surgeons for some 17 million people. He finds purpose in serving as a medical missionary doctor there.

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A Buffalo and a Bible Worker

November 16, 2018

Church planting in the Baltics, Global Mission in Southeast Asia and medical professionals making a difference in Africa.

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7 Boys Don’t Know Their Shy Angel

November 15, 2018

The quiet kindness of a 14-year-old girl changes seven lives in Kenya.

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Potluck Wins Hearts in Russian Church

November 14, 2018

Four people are baptized after hearing personal testimonies in the Black Sea church.

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Could We Ever Do This?

November 12, 2018

A group of young people take the plunge into church planting. They did not know anyone who had done this before but through friendship they were able to start a small group in this city.

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When a Baby Dies

November 12, 2018

Franck and Nicky do not understand their loss, but they find reasons to praise God.

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The Missing Ingredient

November 11, 2018

Thana's health was slipping away until she visited a health seminar run by the Adventist Church. From that point forward, she and her family have been much happier.

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"The Wondering Jew"

November 10, 2018

Cliff Goldstein shares his personal story of how God found him through a series of mysterious coincidences.

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