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Pray - Learn - Give - Go

Did you reach this page after visiting the Mission Family booths at the virtual Global Camp Meeting Exhibit Hall? No? It’s not too late to stop by and visit us. Register here for FREE access to this special event, May 19-23.

The theme of the virtual Global Camp Meeting is I WILL GO. But did you know that there are four steps that you can take to help prepare your heart to respond to God’s call with the jubilant statement I WILL GO or help equip someone to go on your behalf? Here are some resources to help you at each stage along the way:


“Dear Lord, please inspire me to support your mission work in any way possible.”

Prayer needs to be the foundation of all that we do as Christians. Our mission to spread the love of Jesus Christ around the world will only succeed if we first begin with prayer. Our Lord calls us to pray as individuals and as an assembly of church members for God to bless the work of our missionaries. We have created a colorful Prayer Map and engaging podcast to help you, your church, or your classroom to focus your prayers on some of the most unreached cities of the world.


“Teach me, Lord, how I can live, serve, and witness across cultures.”

If this sounds like your prayer, then we have some resources to help get you started. Through our Institute of World Mission, you can prepare to become a cross-cultural worker; through our Global Mission Centers, you’ll learn how to reach others who may have a different worldview than your own; and through the vast resources of the Office of Archives, Statistics, and Research, you can learn about the history of our church and how we can trust God to lead our future because of the faithful way He has blessed our efforts in the past.


“You have lovingly given me so much, Lord. I am ready to give back to you with all that I have.”

Your weekly mission offerings help support the work of some 400 missionary families around the world. In recent years, millions of people from challenging areas of the world have found salvation in Jesus and have joined the Seventh-day Adventist Church. On average in 2020, someone became an Adventist every 39 seconds, and a new church was organized every 5 hours. While we celebrate each new believer, did you know that 66% of the world are not Christian?

In 1919, church members faithfully gave to the mission offerings approximately 45% of what they had returned in tithe that year. But by 2019, the picture of Adventist-giving looked very different: church members gave less than 5% to missions compared to what they returned in tithe.

How will we continue to reach individuals in every part of the world if we can no longer afford to fund missionaries to reach out to them? Wherever you are, you can give your mission offering by visiting and selecting “World Mission Offerings.”


“Lord, I have heard your call and I will go wherever you lead me.”

The strategic theme for the Seventh-day Adventist Church is I WILL GO. If you have prayed, studied, and given liberally to support missions, and are now asking what’s next, then perhaps you sense that God is calling you to serve in the mission field. Check out VividFaith for various types of mission-focused service opportunities—volunteer and employment; international and local; onsite and remote. Register as a VividFriend to browse through all the openings, to favorite the ones you want to explore and pray about, and to apply directly to the hiring organization.

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