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Call to Prayer During Coronavirus Pandemic

In Luke 21, Jesus said to expect famines, earthquakes, pestilence, and fearful events just before His return. We don't know if this coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is part of that major crisis, but it’s certainly an example of how quickly everything can change!

Click here to watch Seventh-day Adventist Church President Ted Wilson’s message to the worldwide Church.

Every crisis of earth’s final days will divide all people into two camps: those who trust in God and those who don’t. So how do those who trust in God react when crisis strikes?

  • 1) Recognize that every crisis is a call to prayer, not panic.
  • 2) Intentionally place our trust in God’s power instead of human power.
  • 3) Have compassion for others instead of turning our homes into bunkers.

Call to Prayer

We respond to this call to prayer by asking for God’s care and intervention for people around the world affected by the virus. We ask for healing for those who are sick and peace and comfort for their families.

Join us in also praying for missionaries, Global Mission pioneers, Adventist volunteers, church workers, and especially all the medical staff around the world fighting the virus. Some of God’s workers are already on the front lines in difficult situations only made worse by the pandemic.

We’re also thinking of Urban Centers of Influence worldwide, which offer hope and resources to their communities. Many rely on regular interactions with people and will struggle during the virus. We pray that the Holy Spirit will direct them to fresh ways to continue their mission.

Stay Safe & Connected

First, please stay safe and follow the protocols issued for your region. Click here for information on how to protect yourself and your community.

Second, if your local church is no longer meeting, connect with church members in new ways. Gather together via Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, etc. for fellowship, Bible study, and worship. Remotely check in with members who are most isolated and show them you care. It’s important to stay connected and build community. The Church is a family, and no one should go through this time alone.

Resources for Staying Spiritually Uplifted

Are you or someone you know struggling with anxiety and fear because of the virus? It can be hard for many of us to stay focused on Jesus and trust that He is still in control. Make sure you reach out to friends and spiritual mentors to help you during this time.

Adventist Mission is also here to help! Use the following resources to build your faith and stay connected with the Holy Spirit. Find a video that inspires you and host a Facebook watch party or send it to friends on WhatsApp.

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