They Call Her the "Oriental Pearl"


The Global Mission office in Northern Asia recently invited Dr. Yoora Lee-Hoff to present 12 concerts in Korea and Japan to support mission.

The daughter of an Adventist pastor and outstanding violinist, Dr. Lee-Hoff studied at the University of Leipzig in Germany, where by chance she discovered her talent as a vocalist.

Dr. Lee-Hoff, nicknamed “The Oriental Pearl,” began her concert series in Korea where she raised funds to support YoungShik Ham, a Pioneer Missionary Movement (PMM) pastor from Korea serving in Uganda.

Dr. Lee-Hoff also performed in Japan at the Kobe Music Concert Hall. This concert catered to non-Adventists, and surprisingly more than 200 people willingly accepted Adventist literature. Mrs. Noako Watanabe, a pastor’s wife at Kobe Church said, “Japanese people usually don’t take our distributed publications, but today they paid for the concert and got the booklets by themselves. This is an excellent evangelistic method!”

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They Call Her the "Oriental Pearl"


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