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While I was pastoring the Podkowa Le´sna Adventist church in Poland I had the privilege of going on four kayak mission trips with my members.   

We’ve shared many wonderful experiences while serving Jesus on these adventures. 

One time a member named Stanislaw was chatting with a man whom he learned was the mayor. He wanted to sell him a book about Jesus’ soon return, but the mayor seemed uninterested. Stanislaw prayed, and before long the mayor changed his mind. Then he discovered he had no money.   

Stanislaw offered the book as a gift, but the mayor felt uncomfortable accepting it. What should I do? Stanislaw wondered.

At that moment he looked down and noticed a coin lying on the ground! “I’ll treat this as your payment,” he said and the problem was solved. 

As a pastor and former Global Mission pioneer, I have seen people come to know Jesus through mission projects that you’ve helped support. I want to thank you personally for your generosity. 

In the world there are many rivers that lead to people who are waiting to hear the gospel. It is my hope that our kayak mission story will help you know that your support of mission is making an incredible difference in people’s lives. 



Pastor Stachurski

Baptized in 1995, Pastor Piotr Stachurski has served as a literature evangelist, Global Mission pioneer, and pastor. He was recently appointed secretary of the Southern Conference in Poland.

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Dear Friend,


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