Dear Friends

Recent surveys suggest that when people make a list of New Year’s resolutions, it all boils down to one thing.  People want to feel better.  They want to lose weight, exercise, spend quality time with family, read more books, be better organized, and get out of debt.  

Studies have also shown that people would like to donate more often to worthy causes.  Why do they do it?  Maybe it is a reflection of their values, or an inner prompting of love and generosity. 

I think people give to missions when they see that their gift can make a real difference. They believe they are contributing towards something that has lasting value.  When people care passionately about something, they are willing to give.  Quite honestly, it makes them feel good.

Whether you are considering yearend gifts for tax purposes, or your own New Year’s resolutions, I’d like to suggest that you keep Global Mission pioneers in mind.  

One hundred percent of Global Mission project funding comes from donations from people like you.  Hundreds of projects are funded each year in all regions of the world.  Global Mission pioneers are there to implement the plans and start new congregations wherever they are able.  

Please help us support the Global Mission pioneers and the many worthy outreach projects they are equipped to handle.  Working together is something we can all feel good about.

Thank you so much for your prayers and faithful support.

Fourth Quarter 2010





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Central Asia


Dear Friends


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