Central Asia

Central Asia is a fascinating region where Cyrus the Great once established his administrative headquarters in an attempt to control the Silk Road trade routes passing from Asia to what is now Europe. Today, modern buildings raise their gleaming towers to the sky not far from where people still live much like they did during the time of Cyrus and Daniel.

This lady, and hundreds like her, sit day by day in the bazaar waiting for someone to buy their carpets, clothes, or fresh vegetables. They talk about the weather, their children and grandchildren, and the amazing things they see happening around the world. And they wonder what it all means. They wonder what the future holds. They wonder what and who they should believe.

Global Mission has taken a special interest in bringing the gospel in this region of the world this year. Perhaps this lady will be in heaven as a result of what you give.

Major Languages: Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Russian, Tajik. Turkmen, and Uzbek
Major Religion: Islam , Russian Orthodox
Population: 71.8 million*
Adventist Membership: 8,714*  
Adventist to population ratio: 1:8,249*

For thousands of years the Silk Road was the main trade route between China and Europe. Five countries make up this region known today as Central Asia: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan. Your support of fund number 5250 will help reach the 60 million people who live in this culturally diverse region. 

* Courtesy of the 147th Annual Statistical Report, General Conference Office of Archives and Statistics. 


Fourth Quarter 2010





Central Asia

Central Asia


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