The Adventist Church had a rough start in Amphany. When the first Global Mission pioneer arrived in this previously unentered village in the southern part of Madagascar he was run out of town. The next pioneer’s life was threatened when some town leaders accused him of vandalizing the local cemeteries and stealing from graves. 

But church leaders didn’t give up and sent four theology students from Zurcher Adventist University to launch a month-long evangelistic series a year ago. At the conclusion of the meeting a dozen people were baptized. 

Thanks to the support of Global Mission this church was built. Pictured here is the dedication service held this past summer. Please pray that this church will continue to grow.

Major Languages: English, French, Malagasy
Major Religions: Indigenous beliefs, Muslim, and Christian
Population:  18.9 million*
Adventist Membership: 108,066*
Adventist to population ratio: 1:175 *

The Adventist Church has grown in many parts of Africa. Still major challenges remain. Religious, social, and ethnic persecution makes church growth difficult in some areas. Your support of fund number 5220 will help ensure that the Adventist Church keeps growing and taking Jesus’ love to all of Africa. 


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One day while Rajah was holding a Bible study, a mob approached his house, brandishing sticks and swords.

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