Dear Friends

We really should let you know…Global Mission pioneers appreciate your prayers.  On challenging days, they say it helps to think about fellow church members from many countries who are praying for them.  It encourages them to realize that you care about the work they do.

And here is an interesting thing.  The pioneers pray for you too.  They pray for your health, for your family, and that you will feel the presence of God in your life.  They thank God for the financial support you provide that helps them continue their work.  

It’s fascinating to think about how we are linked together through our shared desire to help others know Jesus.  Since pioneers are able to work in areas where most of us can’t go, it’s a partnership that depends on each of us doing our part.  We pray for each other, give what we can, and they begin planting new congregations wherever they are able.  In countless areas of the world, this is the only way some people will ever know that a living God loves and cares for them.

As you go about your activities today, think about the Global Mission pioneers who are befriending Putri and Ahmad in Indonesia, or Marienela and Luis in Peru.  Perhaps this is the day that Sunita and Bijay in Nepal, or Zahina and Lovoti in Fiji will meet a Seventh-day Adventist Christian for the first time.  Maybe Fanta and Karim in Mali will be welcoming a pioneer into their home for another Bible lesson.  

Global Mission pioneers are committed to the work they do.  Your prayers mean a great deal to them.  Your financial support is important because it means that they can continue to work in their particular area of the world.  And you should know…they are praying for you too.

Third Quarter 2010





Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone


Dear Friends


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