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I recently returned from the mission field. I was meeting with church leaders and lay people in the Czech Republic and shared and discussed with them ways to address the tremendous challenges they face in urban ministry.

Recent surveys show that in the Czech Republic:

  1. Only 7 percent of people say, "religion is important in my life."
  2. Less than 20 percent believe in God.
  3. About 50 percent believe in some kind of "spirit" or "life force."

Not so long ago, communism fell, and people across Eastern Europe were so hungry for spiritual things. Now they are perhaps even more secular than Western Europe, settlling for the gods of this world--money, consumerism, and pleasure.

My visit accidentally coincided with the final match in the Ice Hockey World Cup--with the Czech Republic playing historical rival Russia. Downtown Prague prepared for the occasion. Big screens in the square were positioned to televise the match. People arrived hours early at this altar to sport, dressed for the occasion. Faces were painted in the colors of the flag. Beer started to flow. Music played. It was like a secular worship service.

When I look over the statistics of the Adventist church in European countries such as the Czech Republic, I see a mission field. It doesn't look like a traditional mission field, but it's a mission field nonetheless. Here many who are rich and increased with goods feel as if they have need of nothing.

Global Mission faces huge challenges in the 10/40 Window among people who have never even heard the name of Jesus. But we must not lose sight of the growing urban areas and the secular west where the name of Jesus is also getting lost in the crowds.

Thank you for your continuing prayers, financial support, and personal involvement in helping Global Mission take the Good News about Jesus into all the world. 

Second Quarter 2010








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