“We Will Eat Today!”

Nepal…land of spectacular mountain peaks and some of the best trekking in the world.  It is home to more than 300 species of exotic orchids and over 500 species of butterflies.  This beautiful country also has a rural population that suffers from extreme poverty and homelessness.  

Your donations have made it possible for Global Mission pioneers to begin feeding programs for children in impoverished areas.  Classes in hygiene and basic education will be offered to those who have never had a chance to go to school.  Please pray for this unique opportunity to enter small villages in Nepal.

Official language: Nepali
Major Religions: Hinduism and Buddhism 
Population: 27.5 million
Adventist Membership: 8,000*
Adventist to population ratio: 1:3,437

The Seventh-day Adventist Church has had a presence in Nepal for more than 50 years, but we’ve faced many challenges to sharing our faith. Recent changes have opened new opportunities for service. We’re currently operating five Global Mission projects and the possibility exists for an additional twenty-five. Your support of Fund #5290 will help share the Adventist message in unentered areas such as Nepal. 

* General Conference Office of Archives and Statistics, 147th Annual Statistical Report


First Quarter 2011


Sobana’s Door-to-Door Mission


“We Will Eat Today!”


“I Was Thirsty”


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One day while Rajah was holding a Bible study, a mob approached his house, brandishing sticks and swords.

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