Dear Friends

I felt like I was back in Bible times. It was how I’d always pictured it: narrow streets with smooth mud-plastered walls. We were in a village in India, visiting two Global Mission pioneers. 

Many hours before we’d been in a bustling Indian city, on streets teeming with people, cars, and motor- and cycle-powered rickshaws. Our car had turned off the main road hours ago. 

As the hours passed, so did the scenes outside: women and children carrying pitchers of water on their heads, an old man threshing grain, driving an ox tethered to walk in endless circles. 

We had barely stopped before the children were there. Surrounding the car, clamoring to see, reaching out to touch in greeting.  Two pioneers were there to meet us, smiling, greeting us in the traditional Indian manner with hands palm to palm in front of them, then reaching out and shaking hands to cover all the bases. 

We headed into the village, and that’s when I felt like I was back in Bible times. Followed by our ever-present entourage of children now joined by curious adults, we wound our way through the twists and turns of the narrow passageways. We stopped in front of a low opening in a mud wall and I was motioned through. Stooping, I emerged in a small courtyard crammed with people—wall to wall people. I remember the bright colors of clothes and headscarves. Yellows, blues, reds, purples. I remember the eyes. I remember the smiles of changed lives. 

These two pioneers had come to this village, strangers. They had visited homes. They had prayed with the people.  Over two years, they had come to love and be loved. And they had introduced people to Jesus. Although I knew I wasn’t in Bible times, and India is far from the Bible lands, I sensed Jesus had come to this village. We couldn’t stay long. I remember the sound of singing as that courtyard echoed in praise to our unseen God. 

Thank you for helping send Global Mission pioneers to the far corners of the earth—carrying a message of Hope in Jesus. 

First Quarter 2011


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Dear Friends


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