Sobana’s Door-to-Door Mission

Meet Sobana, a lay evangelist working in India. She travels to remote villages to study the Bible with people who want to learn about Jesus. One day Sobana’s group invited a man named Kishore to study with them.   

Kishore was a respected temple priest. He had many questions, but as he studied the Bible with Sobana, he grew to love Jesus and decided to become a Seventh-day Adventist Christian.  

It was a difficult choice. When Kishore left the temple priesthood, his family and friends deserted him. It has been a struggle for Kishore, but he finds strength in sharing God’s love with others, and he has helped lead nine people to Christ.   

Your support of Global Mission helps people like Sobana reach people like Kishore and start new groups of believers in unentered areas. Thank you!

Sobana’s story, Door to Door, is featured on the first quarter 2011 Adventist Mission DVD. You can watch it online by visiting 


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Sobana’s Door-to-Door Mission


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