Water of Life

Sojwe, Botswana

You might wonder about the metal bowl in the back of the church. Now and then someone will leave their seat, pick up the bowl, and go outside. Then they come back and return the bowl to is designated spot. After church you’ll know exactly what it is for.

It’s very hot during the day in Botswana. Fortunately, there is a tap with running water outside. The metal bowl is used as a cup to take a drink. If there is a lineup, just pass the bowl along to the next person. Water is very precious in this dry country. So no one ever wastes a drop. Since nearly everyone has to walk home after church, it is important to have a good drink before starting back.

No matter how far away you are from home, there are certain things that make you feel at ease. The stars at night look like the stars you see at home. A smile and a friendly wave make you feel good inside. A warm welcome at any Adventist church were you can worship God makes you thankful to be part of a worldwide church family.

*Header Image: Adventist hymnal in the Setswana language.

Third Quarter 2012

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At church with new friends

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Termite mounds and triple handshakes


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Water of Life


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