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I can hardly wait to tell you about the church I visited in the village of Sojwe, Botswana. I was looking forward to meeting the members of the church, but I was also very interested in meeting the new Global Mission pioneer, Amos Mapharing.

Just a few short years ago this little church didn’t exist. There were no Adventists in the area until a Global Mission pioneer moved to the village. His sole purpose was to live among the people and find a way to plant a new congregation. Today a beautiful church stands on a prominent piece of property in Sojwe. The building itself is a source of pride in the village.

On this Sabbath, every seat was filled as members and visitors came to hear Pastor Mapharing’s first sermon. The village chief was seated in a place of honor. Dignitaries from the regional government, village council, and officers from the mission and union office were also present. Many speeches of welcome and recognition were made.

And then Pastor Mapharing stepped up to the pulpit. He spoke of his happiness about becoming a part of this village. Then he began to preach about his faith and belief that God would do something powerful in Sojwe. The audience listened in rapt attention as he gave his personal testimony.

No one could have guessed that this strong young pastor understood what it was like to endure a lengthy, near-death illness. As he revealed the dark moments of his terrible experience, they began to nod their heads as his words resonated with them. No matter how bad things could be, he still believed in the power of God. I was deeply touched to be present that day.

We have to remind ourselves that when we plant a seed, it takes a little while for that plant to grow. Today, thanks to past donations to Global Mission, there is an Adventist church and a growing membership in the village of Sojwe. It won’t be long before they’ll need to buy more chairs.

Pastor Mapharing, along with Global Mission pioneers around the world, sends his thanks for providing the means to make it possible to plant new congregations in villages, towns, and cities everywhere.

Sojwe Seventh-day Adventist Church, Botswana

Third Quarter 2012

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