Arutha's New Career

Arutha was a teacher in an isolated village in Maharashtra, India. One night she felt a strong impression to quit her job and work full time for God, teaching the gospel. She retired and began to study her Bible as never before. 

When a Seventh-day Adventist pastor visited Arutha, she asked many questions. Excited about the new truths she was discovering, Arutha was baptized and became a Global Mission pioneer so that she could share these truths with others. 

Arutha was the only Adventist in her town of some 20,000 people. She went to the fields to pray with the workers for their crops. She went to the markets to share God’s love. 

“Whenever I can, I tell people about Jesus dying for our sins and that He is coming soon to take His children home,” says Arutha. “Then I invite them to follow Jesus and keep His commandments.”

In the past five years Arutha has raised up four churches that now have a total membership of about 450. She isn’t retired, she has a second career!

To support Global Mission pioneers in countries in the Southern Asia Division, such as India, please support Fund 7240.

With more than 1.2 billion people, India is home to one sixth of the world’s population. In the past 20 years more than a million people have become Seventh-day Adventist Christians, an average of about 1 percent of the population. Global Mission and other lay evangelistic programs have contributed heavily to this growth. Yet millions in India’s 10,000 large cities and 600,000 towns and villages are still waiting to hear the gospel. Please pray for the Global Mission pioneers in India. 

First Quarter 2011


“If I hadn’t found Christ, I would be dead.”


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Arutha's New Career


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