Teresa became a Christian eight years ago. However, she felt there was something missing from her faith. Then three years ago Dariusz Ziarkiewicz, an Adventist literature evangelist, visited her home. She purchased several books from him including Patriarchs and Prophets and The Desire of Ages.

As Teresa read through these books questions started to pop up in her mind. She asked her priest, but as much as he tried he couldn’t come up with answers that satisfied Teresa. A year ago she met a Global Mission pioneer who had just moved to her village. The pioneer asked Teresa if she’d like to study the Bible with him. She readily agreed. As the pioneer carefully combed through the Bible with Teresa she found answers to all her questions.

Not long ago Teresa became the first person to baptized as part of a Global Mission church planting project in northern Poland. Please keep Poland in your prayers. There are many people still searching for a God to love here.  

To help Global Mission church planting projects in Europe such as this one in Poland, please support Fund # 5270.


Europe today has the fewest Adventists per capita of any continent. The region’s challenges include post-modern and secular countries such as Sweden and the United Kingdom and former Soviet bloc countries, such as Hungary and Poland. Nearly half of all Europeans are secular and practice no religion. Please keep this region of the world in your prayers.

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One day while Rajah was holding a Bible study, a mob approached his house, brandishing sticks and swords.

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