Meet Djenabu, a 14-year-old single mother from Guinea-Bissau. Her father, a religious man, has caused a lot of grief for her. He has threatened to kick her out of the house and told her that she’s a disappointment to the family. She didn’t know where to turn for support.

Then Djenabu met Jesus at an evangelistic series held by Lucas Camargo de Oliveira in a movie theater near her home in Bissau, the capital of Guinea Bissau. Every night Djenabu and her mother, Aua, attended. At the conclusion of the meetings Pastor Lucas asked all those who wanted to make Christ the center of their lives and be baptized to come forward. Djenabu was scared that if she went forward her father would be even more disappointed with her, so she stayed in her chair. Aua, also scared of her husband’s reaction, decided not to join the Adventist Church. As the weeks went by after the meetings Djenabu’s desire to join the Adventist Church kept gnawing her. She finally decided that regardless of her father’s feelings she must become a Christian.

Today she’s a baptized member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Her mother has yet to become an Adventist. Please pray for the many people, like Djenabu, in Guinea-Bissau who are struggling to overcome from family pressure to become Christians.

To contribute to Global Mission work in West African countries, such as Guinea-Bissau, please support Fund # 7400.


Global Mission pioneers are working throughout Africa to take the gospel of Christ to everyone that they meet. Their work is not always easy and they must trust God to lead them each day. Please pray for these pioneers and other frontline Adventist workers who are telling the world about Christ.

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