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In the fall of 2005, Randy Davis sat in his church in New York and listened intently to the director of the local refugee center.  As he heard about the struggles and fears of the world’s most vulnerable people, his heart began to beat with excitement.  Was God calling him to minister to refugees?  And if so, would his church members be willing to help?

In December that year, the Utica International Seventh-day Adventist Church welcomed its first refugee family from Myanmar.  It was an intensive six months as the members helped to furnish an apartment, provide transportation, assist with shopping, medical appointments, and the daunting prospect of helping them adapt to a new country.

More families from the Thailand-Myanmar border came.  At times, the church was scrambling to find and furnish apartments for two families per week.  In 2008 there was an influx of 150 Adventist refugees.  And now, five years after their first refugee family arrived, they are organizing one of the first Karen congregations in the United States.

This September, please pray for refugees and for those who minister to them. 

According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Annual Flow Report for May 2011, a total of 73,293 people were admitted to the United States as refugees during 2010. To help Global Mission reach refugees for Christ, please support Project Fund #5020. 

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Refugee Ministries – USA


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