Bibles by the Truckload

Imagine trying to understand God’s word without ever being able to hold a Bible in your own hands. Or leading a Bible study group or evangelistic seminar with no Bibles for people to read. “A lack of Bibles makes sharing the Advent message in Sudan a real challenge,” says Delbert Pearman, planning director for Adventist Mission. “But your support of Global Mission has helped change that for thousands of people.” It enabled Global Mission to partner with the Sudanese Seventh-day Adventist Church to purchase 6,000 Bibles for the local people, printed in their own languages. 

“It is something unprecedented in the history of the church in Sudan that such a large number of Bibles were purchased at once,” said the president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Sudan. “This effort will enormously support the work of the Church in sharing the love of God with the people of Sudan. We believe that this may be a very good way to encourage our church members to study the Bible first for themselves and then with their relatives, neighbors and friends. We sincerely hope that the Bibles will power up the church.”  

Project Fund #5320 sends Bibles where they’re needed most. Thanks to you, 6,000 people who have never had their own Bible will hold God’s word in their own hands. This July please pray for this Bible project in Sudan.

Third Quarter 2011


Bibles by the Truckload


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