Sometimes sharing Jesus can be a real picnic!

Arie Dien, the Adventist Mission director for the East Indonesia Union, has been part of something exciting among Chinese church members in Makassar, Sulawesi. He’s helped them become passionate about sharing Jesus with their Chinese community.    

Buddhist and Shinto, this group is comprised mostly of business people. Many of them suffer from lifestyle diseases and many of them seek better health.     

 “We encouraged members to visit with their shopkeepers, to walk with people in the park, then invite their new friends to a picnic,” says Pastor Dien. 

More than 100 guests came to the social event. After a home-cooked meal and swim they had the opportunity to question a medical doctor and meet a woman who had overcome health issues through diet. 

The picnic was followed up by a three-day health seminar attended by more than 200 people. The church provided health material in Chinese. One attendee was Dr. Sam. He was so intrigued with what he discovered that he accepted the invitation of an Adventist friend to join a small group on health.

The group discussed physical and spiritual health and studied the Bible. Soon Dr. Sam’s wife, parents, and children joined. They were Christians, but they had never studied the Bible seriously.

After several months, Dr. Sam took his stand for the new faith he had come to love. His family supported him and soon his wife, parents, and children were all baptized. 

As a result of the health evangelism and small groups formed in Makassar, some 15 people have joined the church. They are starting a new congregation that is mission minded and working to reach out to more Chinese in their community. Please pray for this new congregation. To reach unentered groups, such as the Chinese community in the province of South Sulawesi, please support Project Fund #5200.

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Sometimes sharing Jesus can be a real picnic!

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