Refugees in the United States

224. That’s the number of languages spoken in Los Angeles according to a professor at the University of California, Los Angeles. 170. That’s the number of languages spoken in New York City, according to city records. In fact the same report claims 36 percent of New Yorkers were born outside the United States. 

Some of these language groups are the same ones we’re struggling to reach in remote parts of the world. The reality is that the world is coming to us; we’re not just going to it. Currently the Adventist Church has a number of outreach projects for foreign-born people in the United States and other countries where there are already established Adventist congregations. When people are new to a country they are often more receptive to the gospel. This is a tremendous opportunity to tell the world about Christ Jesus.  But it’s also a challenge. We must find the right way to reach out. Please keep this opportunity and challenge in your prayers

Also please pray for a new ministry that is just beginning in Spokane, Washington, in the United States for Iraqi refugees. An Adventist who grew up in Iraq recently learned that 150 refugees will arrive soon and plans to start an outreach ministry to help them.

Global Mission opportunities sometimes pop up in unforeseen ways. To contribute to Global Mission work where it is needed most, please support Fund # 5020.

SEPTEMBERRefugees in the United States

Opportunities to reach a particular people group are sometimes brief and unexpected. It may be a country that gets little attention or an outreach opportunity that doesn’t fit traditional evangelism approaches. Please pray that Global Mission will be ready to meet these needs and share Christ’s love with those who are waiting to hear about Him.

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United States

Refugees in the United States


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