The Adventist message first came to Fiji in 1890, but many parts of the islands are still unentered. Some eight Global Mission projects are currently underway. One such project is at Lagi Bay on the far northeastern coast of Vanua Levu. 

This part of Fiji is very isolated and until recently was only accessible by boat. Today a rough bush road penetrates the jungle and runs right to Lagi village where a new group of Adventist believers was started by Global Mission pioneer Eremasi Levi.

Excited by their newfound faith, several families of new believers built their own little chapel. Then came Cyclone Tomas. Powerful winds smashed through the jungle and damaged the new church. Fortunately, all the sheets of roofing iron stayed intact, and the members will be able to rebuild their little chapel in the bush. 

Please pray for Global Mission pioneers like Eremasi and little groups of struggling believers in the islands of the Pacific. They might be thousands of miles from civilization, but they are letting their light shine for Jesus.

To contribute to Global Mission work in South Pacific countries, such as Fiji, please support Fund #6900.


Please pray for Global Mission work in South Pacific countries. This region of the world has everything thing from totally unreached island nations—such as Nauru and Tokelau—to highly secular cities—like Melbourne, Australia.


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