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The soft sound of birds chirping in air that was once cold and blustery, small buds on the long arms of once barren tree limbs, fresh green grass sprouting from once brown lawns, these are just a few signs of Spring. This season brings new life and energy to our lives. It is such a sharp contrast to the long, cold, dark winters that precede them. The same is true for the new life that church plants bring to once dark, unreached regions of the world. 

The gospel brings joy and comfort to a new group of believers who are long to feel the warmth of Christ’s love. When a new group of believers are organized as a church plant, members can feed off of each other’s enthusiasm and support each other as they mature and grow. When the hard times come new “sprouts” can huddle together and fend off the cold.

For 20 years Global Mission has planted churches in some of the hardest-to-reach regions of the world. Currently there are some 2,500 Global Mission pioneers planting new congregations around the world. Often they work without a lot of support, yet they continue tending their mission field day in and day out, often at personal peril.

Thank you for your ongoing support of Global Mission. Please take the time to pray each day for the Adventist Church’s frontline mission work and all the Global Mission pioneers telling their world about Jesus.

Second Quarter 2010



Democratic Republic of the Congo

Democratic Republic of the Congo




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