Democratic Republic of the Congo

The Adventist Church has a long history in DR Congo, but recently the Church’s growth has slowed and fallen behind the rate of the population’s growth. To help meet this need for church growth the Adventist Church in DR Congo held a three-week evangelistic series in Beni—a metropolitan area in northeastern DR Congo—as part of the Hope for Big Cities program.

Global Mission pioneers from across DR Congo descended upon Beni and laid the groundwork for the series by going door-to-door telling people about the meeting and enrolling them in the Discover Bible School program. The town was divided into five zones and series were held in each zone concurrently. The plan was designed to reach a broad range of neighborhoods scattered areas across the city and to minimize the transport cost for people to attend. More than 250 people were baptized at the conclusion of the meetings. 

While this is exciting news, challenges still remain. There’s a great need for Bibles and Bible study guides, and permanent church buildings for the five new congregations that will form as a result of the series. 

To contribute to Global Mission work in African countries, such as the Democratic Republic of the Congo, please support Fund # 5220.

MAYDemocratic Republic of the Congo

The Adventist Church has grown throughout much of Africa. Yet major challenges remain. Religious, social, and ethnic persecution makes church growth difficult in some areas. Please pray for the Global Mission pioneers who are taking Jesus’ love to all of Africa.

Second Quarter 2010



Democratic Republic of the Congo

Democratic Republic of the Congo




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