“If I hadn’t found Christ, I would be dead.”

The first time Alexander set foot in the Seventh-day Adventist house church in Tomsk, Siberia, he was there to cause trouble.  His wife had started attending regularly, and Alexander was determined to rescue her from what he considered a dangerous cult.” To his amazement, Alexander was greeted with a huge outpouring of love, and his troubled heart began to melt. 

“I was battling alcohol and despair,” says Alexander. “If my wife and I had not found Christ, I would be dead. I came to this church as an enemy. But God showed me His love through these brothers and sisters.”

Alexander accepted Jesus, was baptized, and is now an elder at the Tomsk house church, one of only two Seventh-day Adventist congregations in this city of a half million people. He shares Jesus’ love with others, but his tiny church is already overflowing. There is no room for new members. 

Lack of churches throughout Siberia makes evangelism very challenging. Please pray that the church will be able to provide permanent worship homes for new members so they can continue to grow in Jesus and touch others with His love. 

To help provide church homes in the Euro-Asia Division, such as those needed in Siberia, please support Fund 6210.

Life can be harsh in Siberia and bitterly cold. But Adventist churches are drawing people into the warmth of God’s love. Church members are actively involved in small groups, opening their homes and hearts to those who need to know Jesus. This January, please pray for the thousands of people in Siberia who need to find freedom in Jesus, that hearts of church members around the world will be touched to help provide urgently-needed house homes for new believers, and that our believers in Siberia will be strengthened to share God’s love.  

First Quarter 2011


“If I hadn’t found Christ, I would be dead.”


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