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It doesn’t seem like ten years since I first visited Mongolia. But I’ll never forget witnessing the size of the Adventist Church increase by a third, as 12 people were baptized (bringing the total to 49 members.) It was also the first time anyone older than 25 had been baptized.

The church was young. In 1991 Brad and Cathie Jolly, two young Adventist Frontier Missions missionaries, had restarted work in Mongolia. Two years later they witnessed the first fruits of their ministry, with the first baptism in Mongolia.

I visited with Global Mission pioneers and worshiped with new Adventist believers in home churches in the capital, Ulaanbaatar. Many of these groups were run by teenagers—in fact, most Adventist church members were in their teens. I met one teenage girl who had invited 22 school friends to attend a home group in a small farming town northwest of the capital. They attended two nights a week–one night for Bible study, the other for recreation. Several of them had already been baptized. 

It’s hard to believe that we now have more than 1,000 baptized members in Mongolia—and the church is still growing rapidly. It’s a testimony to the strength of the church when we use the different spiritual gifts God has given us for His mission. The church in Mongolia has grown because missionaries, supported by your tithes and mission offerings, are working to build up the church. It has grown because of supporting ministries. It has grown because churches in Australia and several other countries have sent evangelistic teams to work there. But most of all, it has grown because Global Mission pioneers, supported by your donations, continue to work. It has grown because of your prayers.

Thank you for your continuing support of Global Mission in Mongolia and around the world, reaching the unreached with hope.

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