“Georgi,” Olga said as he finished screwing a panel back on her refrigerator. “Will you come to my church next Saturday?”

Georgi Kertikov, an appliance repairman at the time, thought about telling her no, but then reconsidered. Olga was a good customer, and he didn’t want to offend her, so he agreed to go.

When Georgi arrived at church, the Sabbath School class was discussing the beasts of Revelation. Georgi thought to himself, any church that talks about fighting, blood, and dragons must be pretty good. So he continued attending and was baptized two years later.

Georgi later was called to be a Global Mission pioneer in Chirpan, a city in southern Bulgaria that has a sizeable Romani (Gypsy) population. A small group had been started there, but members had drifted away after several months without a leader. 

Georgi had learned that Romani are highly communal people with strong family ties. So visiting members—and teaching them how to visit others—is a high priority. He plans picnics, work bees, sporting events, and even computer classes to draw people together, cement friendships, and introduce them to Jesus.

Currently Georgi is preparing 30 people for baptism and making many more friends in the community to whom he can introduce Jesus.

To contribute to Global Mission work in European countries, such as Bulgaria, please support Fund # 5200


Europe today has the fewest Adventists per capita of any continent. The region’s challenges include post-modern and secular countries such as Sweden and the United Kingdom and former Soviet bloc countries, such as Hungary and Serbia, where years of religious oppression left many with no religion at all. Nearly half of all Europeans are secular and practice no religion. Please keep this region of the world in your prayers. 

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