Dear Friend


In a province near Shanghai, China, a Global Mission pioneer named Yen* was looking for people who needed help. One day Yen met Chan, a blind man who had trouble getting to the marketplace and medical appointments. Yen offered to help Chan. As he walked with Chan, he talked to him about Jesus and invited him to visit a Seventh-day Adventist house church. Before long the little congregation loved Chan right into the arms of Jesus and into the Adventist Church.

Chan was so excited about Jesus that he told his blind friends about Him. So every Sabbath a woman from the church meets Chan and his friends and guides them to church. People see this woman guiding five blind people who hold onto each other as they walk down the road. “Where are you going?” they ask.

“To church!” they say. “Come with us!” And several curious people have joined the happy procession. Because of their eagerness to share what they’ve discovered, Chan and his friends have brought 100 people to church.

The Church in many parts of China is growing because of the work of our Global Mission pioneers and lay pastors. In one region some 200 churches have been started. Please continue to support our pioneers with your prayers and financial support.

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Dear Friend

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