Little Factory's Slum

Sao Paulo, Brazil

But that’s not all they do. The church reaches out to a small community of people on the outskirts of São Paulo. This village is sometimes called Favela da Fabriquinha, which means “Little Factory’s Slum.” The old factory has been closed for many years, but people who live there face many hardships and day-to-day challenges.

Members learned that an antiquated sewage system running through the middle of the village was causing frequent illness. By working with the city, a proper system was installed. This in turn alleviated much of the sickness that had been an on-going problem. Church members offered job training. They also help to improve the living conditions of the small one-room shacks. They taught classes in health, home improvement, household budgeting, and gave Bible studies. But that’s not all they do.

After praying for practical ideas to assist this community, a church member contacted a retired professional soccer player. The athlete called upon fellow soccer players, and soon an exciting game was organized to benefit the residents of the favela. The price of admission was unusual: spectators would bring two kilograms of food in exchange for a ticket. It must have been an exciting game, but the members were more eager to load up the food.

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Little Factory's Slum


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