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I clung to my plastic water bottle like a lifeline. Sweat poured from my skin, turning my shirt into a wet rag. In April, the average high temperature in Chad is 106 degrees. 

One night I lay sleepless, drenched in sweat, in a fan-less, air-conditioner-less guest house. Finally, I went outside and just lay on the ground—open to mosquitoes and who-knows-what insects. But at least it was a couple of degrees cooler. 

In harsh conditions—not just of climate—Global Mission pioneers have faithfully worked in Chad for many years. They’re wonderful ambassadors for Jesus—bringing hope and healing to people scarred by sin and establishing new groups of believers.

It’s a beautiful thing to witness a baptism in a country such as this. Of course they can’t just turn on the faucets to fill a baptismal font. In most places new believers don’t even have a church building—let alone running water. So they dig a large, rectangular hole in the sandy ground and cover it with plastic. Then they get water—which, if they’re fortunate, can be purchased in 40-gallon drums transported by trucks from the nearest village.

Your support of Global Mission pioneers has given many people the opportunity to know Jesus and to commit their lives to Him through baptism. Our Adventist Mission staff and Global Mission pioneers around the world thank you for your ongoing support.

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