Dear Sabbath School Leader,

This quarter features the Trans-European Division. More than 200 million people live in this region, but there are only 83,526 Adventists. That’s a ratio of about one Adventist for about every 2,400 people. 

The Thirteenth Sabbath Offering this quarter will help bring the message of God’s love and Jesus’ soon coming to millions more people. 

Language Fun

Songs and words in Greek and Macedonian are featured on pages 7, 21, and 31 in the quarterly. 

Mission Potluck

Host a mission potluck this quarter. Find recipes and cultural items at (Click on the children’s mission quarterly on the home page, then on “Activities” to find the recipes.)  Label the foods with their country of origin. 

Special Features

  • Children’s photos: The children’s mission cards are available on our website. Some web browsers allow the cards to be printed full-page, which can give leaders a large photo of the child to hold up during mission time. Check to see if your web browser supports printing these cards full-page. 
  • Offering device: Print the mission map (available at; click on children’s mission quarterly, then on “Archives and Downloads” in the list that appears on the screen; look for it in the “PDF/Media Files” section). Each week that the children meet their mission goal, add one of the children’s mission cards or a picture cut from a magazine of a child.
  • Adventist Mission DVD features a short video specifically for children. Ask your adult Sabbath School superintendent to make a copy of the DVD for you.
  • More activities: Visit our website at Click on “Resources” and “Archives and Downloads” for PDF files that include additional activities, recipes, and games to print for use in your Sabbath School.


Yours for the kingdom,

Charlotte Ishkanian
Editor, Mission

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