Macedonia | December 14

Making Friends for Jesus


Mihael (MEE-hel) is 7 years old and lives in Macedonia. [Locate Macedonia on a map.] Mihael’s father is a pastor, and often Mihael goes with him to visit people. One day their visit to one family lasted longer than they planned, and Mihael was hungry. So his parents stopped at a small restaurant to eat. 

They sat down, and a woman came to take their order. She gave the family’s order to the cook and returned to talk to them. 

Making a Friend

“What’s your name?” she asked Mihael. 

“I’m Mihael,” he said. “That’s a Bible name. I have a Bible; do you?” 

The woman didn’t have a Bible, but she said she had some books about the Bible. “One is called The Acts of the Apostles, and another is The Great Controversy,” she said. “I like them!”

“Yes,” Mihael’s father said with a smile. “Those are good books!” Daddy knew because these books are Adventist books. 

The woman went to get the family’s food and placed it on their table. She waited while Daddy thanked Jesus for the food. The restaurant wasn’t busy, so the woman stayed to talk. 

A Gift of Good News

When the family finished eating, Daddy went to the car to get a book. He gave Mihael the book to give to the woman as a gift. “Thank you so much,” she told Mihael. “Do you know where I can get other books like this? Mihael recited his daddy’s phone number. The woman laughed as she wrote it down. Then she gave Mihael’s daddy her phone number. The family said goodbye to their new friend and set off for home.  

One day several weeks later, Daddy told the family he was going to visit the woman from the restaurant. She wanted to order more books. When Mihael’s daddy went to see her, she bought several books. 

Daddy told Mihael to pray for the woman, whose name is Zaklina (Jacqueline). “Pray that as she reads the books, she will ask Jesus to be her Savior,” he said. Mihael makes sure to pray for Auntie Zaklina during family worship. 

Sharing God’s Good News

Mihael likes to go with his dad to give out pamphlets on the street. “I always give out more pamphlets than my dad!” Mihael says. “I think it’s because I’m a kid, and people don’t have to be afraid to take my pamphlets. I tell them, ‘Here, this is good news for you. You can read about Jesus.’ ” 

Mihael prays for the people he gives pamphlets to. “We should always pray for others,” he says. “God listens to our prayers. We should be brave and talk to people about Jesus, for God uses our words to help people want to love Jesus.” 

Mihael is right. We should talk to people about Jesus, and we should pray for them too. And there’s one more thing we can do. Who knows what it is? Yes, we can give our mission offering on Sabbaths. That helps people around the world learn that Jesus loves them.

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