Greece | October 26

The Seed Planter


Fano is 11 years old and lives in Athens, Greece. [Locate Greece on a map.] He’s a seed planter. He tells other children about God. 

Fano stays in an after-school program when his mom has to work late. Some days when the children finish their homework, Fano gathers them together and tells them stories about Jesus. “I talk about how Jesus healed people and how He treated them kindly and with love,” Fano says. 

Fano’s Special Friends

Fano has two special friends, Alex and Angelica. Their mothers sometimes work late, so Fano’s mother takes them home when she picks up Fano. While the children wait for their parents, Fano likes to tell them stories about Jesus. 

Last summer Fano invited Alex and Angelica to go to summer camp. The children’s parents were glad to let them go. At first Alex wasn’t sure he wanted to go, but then he had a great time. They went swimming and played games and had Bible classes every day. When it was time for the children to come home, Angelica didn’t want to leave. They both asked their parents to let them go to camp again. 

Planting Seeds

Often when Alex and Angelica’s parents are late picking them up, they join Fano’s family in worship. They listen while Fano’s family prays. 

One day Angelica asked Fano why his family doesn’t pray the Lord’s Prayer. “We do pray the Lord’s Prayer,” Fano said. “But we like to pray our own prayers to God. He’s our friend, and He wants us to talk to Him like we talk to our friends.  When we pray the Lord’s Prayer, we can’t say specific things that concern us. But when we pray to God as a friend, we can tell Him whatever is troubling us or what is making us happy.” 

Fano prayed that his words would be like seeds planted in their hearts. One day shortly after this conversation, Angelica stayed for family worship while waiting for her mom. After worship she asked how to pray her own prayer to Jesus. Fano’s mother taught her how to pray. She listened carefully, and the next time she stayed for worship, Angelica prayed her own prayer.

Fano has invited his friends to go with him to church, and both of them have gone. They like Sabbath School, but they can’t go when they have school activities on Sabbath. Fano prays that the seeds he’s planted in their lives will bear fruit one day and help his friends ask Jesus to be their special friend too. 

Planting More Seeds

Fano is planting lots of seeds for Jesus. We can plant seeds at school, in our neighborhood, and wherever we go by telling others about Jesus. And when we give our mission offerings we’re planting seeds of faith in the life of someone we may not meet until we go to heaven.

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