Dear Sabbath School Leader,

This quarter we feature the Inter-European (formerly Euro-Africa) Division. More than 338 million people live in the Inter-European Division, but only 177,714 are Seventh-day Adventists, a ratio of about one Adventist for every 1,900 people. 

The Thirteenth Sabbath Offering this quarter will help reach immigrants in Portugal, Romani (Gypsy) people in Bulgaria, and university students in Czech Republic. 

Language Fun

Words in Bulgarian, Romani, Czech, and Portuguese are featured throughout the quarterly. Songs in Bulgarian appear on page 33. You can find additional words and songs on our website at, as well as an audio file in Portuguese called “See It, Say It.” Click on “Resources” and “Children’s Activities.” 

Mission Potluck

Host a mission potluck this quarter. Find recipes and cultural items at Click on “Resources” and on “Children’s Magazine” in the drop-down menu. Then click on “Activities” on the left. Label foods according to their country of origin.

Decorate the room with brochures and colored flags of Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, and Portugal.

Invite the children to greet the people as they arrive, saying, “Bem vindo” (bayn VEEN-dooh), Portuguese for “hello.” Following the meal, let the children sing “Jesus Loves Me” in Portuguese (see page 33).

Special Features

* Adventist Mission DVD features a video specifically for children. Ask your adult Sabbath School superintendent to make a copy of the DVD for you. Or download the children’s video directly from the website at


Yours for the kingdom,

Charlotte Ishkanian
Editor, Mission

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