Bulgaria | August 31

Friends for Jesus

Evelina and Janet

[Invite two junior girls to present this first-person report from Bulgaria.]


Leader: Evelina and Janet live in Bulgaria. They first met when their mothers became friends. Their friendship grew to include a third person, Jesus. _______  [name of girl taking Evelina’s part] will tell us Evelina’s story, and _______  [name of girl taking Janet’s part] will tell us Janet’s.  


Evelina:  When my family moved to this town, I didn’t know anyone. Janet and I met and became instant friends. One day I invited Janet to attend church with me. 


Janet:  My grandmother had invited me to go with her to the Adventist church, but I thought it was for old people. So I didn’t go with her. But when Evelina invited me, I went. 

There were so many young people there. They welcomed me, and I really liked the children’s Sabbath School! I started attending regularly. I especially like the songs we sing and the Bible stories we learn. Our Sabbath School program is really interesting. 

I really like the church choir. After I attended church for a while, my aunt invited me to join the choir, and I did. We practice a lot, but I love it! I’m so glad that Evelina invited me to church!


Evelina: I didn’t do anything special. I just invited Janet, and she came. I’ve invited other friends to come, and some don’t come, but others do come. 


Janet: The only part of church I didn’t like is when it’s really crowded. Then the children must give up our room and worship outside.  

Evelina:  We don’t have a church building. We meet in the downstairs of a house. It’s always full, and sometimes the children are asked to meet outside so the children’s room can be used for adults too. 


Janet: In spite of the crowded church, we keep inviting more people. I invited my cousin, and now she’s coming. 


Evelina: We’re Romani (Gypsy), and for us worship on Sabbath is an all-day activity. It’s a perfect time to have youth Bible studies and a Pathfinder Club. But because we don’t have a room to meet in, we can’t start a Pathfinder Club or have group Bible studies. We really need a church with a room for teens and one for children—a room for everyone.


Leader:  Boys and girls, your mission offering every week helps tell children and adults around the world that Jesus loves them. 

And on Thirteenth Sabbath part of our offering will help Evelina and Janet’s congregation have a church of their own, a church that will have room for everyone who wants to come. Your Thirteenth Sabbath Offering will help provide tables and chairs, felts, and other supplies to help teach the children to be followers of Jesus. Let’s work hard this quarter to raise money for the Thirteenth Sabbath Offering so the children in this church in Bulgaria can have a place of their own.

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