Portugal | August 17

The Invitation


Andre lives in a town a few miles from Lisbon, Portugal. He likes helping others. “I know it makes God happy when we help,” he says.

Lesson in Love 

Andre’s Pathfinders Club decided to visit the people who lived in the apartment building above the hall where their church meets. The children chattered noisily as they climbed the stairs. “Shhh!” their leader whispered loudly. “If we are going to be good testimonies, we must not disturb people.” The children walked quietly to the first floor of apartments. They knocked on every door, offering the free books and an invitation to attend evangelistic meetings.  Then they climbed to the next floor and the next.

One man answered the knock at his door and accepted the book. Andre invited the man to attend the evangelistic meetings. The man smiled and said, “I’ve lived above your church a long time. Some of your members have spoken to me, but no one has ever invited me to visit.”

“Well, we’re inviting you now!” Andre said, wearing a big smile. 

A New Friend for Jesus

The meetings began, and Andre took his position at the door to greet people as they entered. He saw João [jo-AH-oh, John], the man who lived upstairs, enter. Andre welcomed João and thanked him for coming. 

Later João told Andre that he had seen the boy around the church on Sabbath. Andre listened silently, wondering if his actions had been a good message to João. 

João attended the meetings every night. Then he began attending Sabbath services. After a few months João’s wife began attending. She said that she had seen lots of changes in her husband.

Then João began feeling sick, and the doctors discovered he had cancer. When they operated to remove the cancer, João died. Everyone was sad that João had died. 

A Decision to Be Faithful

“Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if we hadn’t knocked on João’s door and invited him to the meetings,” Andre says. “I’m glad we took the time to stop and talk to him—and to the other people who live in the building above our church. 

“We never know who is behind the doors that we knock on or what they’re searching for. It makes me want to be more faithful about talking with people about Jesus. I never know when it will be a matter of death—and life!”

Andre has learned an important lesson, a lesson we all need to learn: Jesus wants us to share His love with everyone. We can do that by talking to them, but we can also help tell them about Jesus by giving our mission offering every week. Let’s be missionaries this week every chance we get.

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