Portugal | August 3

The Book Boy


Ten-year-old Brito [BREE-toh] carefully folds his Pathfinder neckerchief into a triangle and rolls the folded edge just so. He slips the neckerchief around his neck and runs to meet the other Pathfinders. He doesn’t want to be late, for today’s activity is one of his favorites. The Pathfinders are going into the neighborhood to share God’s love and give out literature.  

Kids’ Ministry

“Once a month we visit a different apartment house and give people pamphlets and books, such as Steps to Christ, and tell them about Jesus,” Brito says. “Some of the Pathfinders are shy about talking to people, but I like it! Some people don’t want the book, but others are glad to have it and even offer to pay for it. We tell them that the book is our gift to them from our church. 

“We go in groups so the people know that we are an organization,” Brito explains. “And our leader stays nearby to answer any questions we can’t. Sometimes we see people walking on the street, and we race to see who will be the first one to give them a book.

“We have fun sharing God’s love with others,” Brito adds. “Our church has lots of young people, and even those who aren’t Pathfinders go with us. We sing as we walk through the neighborhood, and sometimes people stop to listen. That gives us another chance to give people a book. It’s a great feeling to know we can make people happy while we share God’s love.”

Brito doesn’t know of anyone who has come to church because the children gave them a book, but the children pray that the books will be like seeds that will sprout in the homes in which they have been planted.

Sharing in Other Ways

Brito shares God’s love in other ways, too. He invites school friends to his home after school or on weekends. His friends notice that his family is different. They don’t watch TV on Sabbaths, and they pray before they eat. When his friends ask about these things, Brito tells them that he loves Jesus. He invites them to visit Sabbath School. Some of his friends have gone to church with him, and they like it. Others don’t come. “Even if someone doesn’t come to church, I keep inviting them back,” Brito says. “I don’t know which friend will become a friend of Jesus some day.” 

Brito is excited, for he’s learned that this Thirteenth Sabbath the whole world will help his church build a new church and community center to which many people can come to be helped and to learn more about God. “Thank you,” Brito says. “Thank you so much for helping us tell others about God’s love!”

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