Czech Republic | July 20

Daniel's Dilemma


Daniel lives in Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic. Until he was 9 years old, Daniel attended a public school. But he was not happy there. 

Bad Bullies

Children in Daniel’s school bullied other children. Some kids took other children’s lunch money, tripped them in the hall, or threatened them. Some even hit other children. Teachers tried to watch for problems, but usually bullies did their bad deeds secretly. Daniel knew that other kids were being bullied, and one day he experienced it for himself. 

Daniel told his parents what was happening, and they decided to take him out of the school and put him into a school where bullying wasn’t permitted. They searched and searched, and finally they found the Adventist elementary school on the far side of Prague. They visited the school and met the teachers. They saw how the children treated each other nicely and with respect. “This is the school for Daniel,” they said. Although they are not Adventists, they knew that this school would help Daniel focus on his studies and not on bullies. 

New Kid, New Friends

Just like most children when they enter a new school, Daniel wondered whether he would make friends. “I made lots of new friends right away,” Daniel says. “The children were polite and eager to be my friend. I like studying here.” 

Daniel was especially glad that he could talk to his teachers and know that they would listen to him. “The teachers are friendly,” he says. “We talk outside of class or in class. I like that.”  

Daniel’s family doesn’t go to any church, but his parents own a Bible, and Daniel reads it from time to time. “I learn most of my Bible stories in school,” he says.

A friend of Daniel’s mother invited the family to some special meetings at the nearby Adventist church. Daniel plans to go as well. He knows that the speaker, a businessman in the city and the one who helped start the Adventist school, will have something important to say.

Learning to Love God

Daniel hasn’t attended Sabbath School or church services yet, but he hopes to be able to attend sometime in the future. “I’m glad that I’m studying in the Adventist school. I like my teachers and the way they’re teaching.  I like the children too. I’m learning a lot that will prepare me for high school.”

If Daniel could tell children one thing, he would tell them, “Try God in your lives and see how many miracles will happen. When bad things happen, we mustn’t blame God, but look for reasons in our lives why things happen. Sometimes we make wrong choices, and we can’t blame God for the results.”

Daniel is learning what it means to be a Christian while studying at an Adventist school. Part of this quarter’s Thirteenth Sabbath Offering will help teach young people to follow God throughout their lives.

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