Congo | June 8

Peter's Partner


Peter liked school. But no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get good grades. He couldn’t understand some things his teacher said, and he couldn’t remember what he’d read in his textbook. Peter sighed. What could he do?

An Answer in Church

“One day in church, the pastor urged us to give all of our problems to God,” Peter said. “He said if we are serious about our request, we should bring God a gift, something that is precious to us. God hears our prayers and will answer with what we need.”

Peter thought about this. His mom planned to buy him some new clothes. Maybe I could ask Mom to let me give the money for the clothes to God. Then I could ask God to help me do well in school. Peter smiled. He knew this was a good plan. 

The next day Peter told his mother what he had decided. His mother gave him the money. On Sabbath Peter gave the money as an offering to Jesus. Then he asked God to help him understand his teacher and do well in school.

Peter’s Partner 

Peter entered his classroom on Monday and took his seat. He knew that God had heard his prayers and would bless him. He listened carefully to the teacher and read his textbook assignments. When he thought about what he’d read and what the teacher had said, he realized that he understood and could remember it! And when he took the test over the material, he scored well! 

“My grades in every subject improved during the next semester,” Peter says. “I’ve always known that God loves me, but now that we’re partners, I realize that He is beside me, helping me to understand and do my best.“ 

Peter was so excited when he gave his mother his report card. He watched the smile spread across her face. “God did this,” he said. “When I gave Him the money for the new clothes, I prayed that He would be my partner in school. And He has been!” 

Peter tells his friends what God is doing too. When his classmate asked Peter how he raised his grades so fast, he answered, “I tried so hard to get good grades, but it seemed impossible. Then I prayed, and God did the impossible. He showed me that all I need to do is accept His gift and use it to His honor and glory.”

Peter wants to become a medical doctor. “I know that God will help me if that is His will for me. I want to care for others and help them know that God is the great healer.”

Boys and girls, we can ask God to be our partner too. If we want to do better in school or share God’s love with others, God will help us. All we have to do is pray and want to honor Him.

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