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For more information on the cultures and history of Bulgaria, Czech Republic, and Portugal, the featured countries this quarter, check the travel section of a local library, visit a travel agency and ask for brochures, or search by country name online. 

Visit our website for additional recipes, language pages, puzzles, and other activities that you can download and print to make mission more fun for children. Go to www.AdventistMission.org. Click on “Resources” and “Children’s Mission” in the drop-down menu. Click on “Mission Resources” in the center of the page, and select the activity you want. 

Adventist Mission DVD is a free video that features stories from the featured countries as well as the worldwide mission of the Adventist Church. Ask your Sabbath School superintendent to make you a copy of it. Or download a segment from the DVD at

An offering goal device will help focus attention on world missions and increase weekly mission giving. Ask your Sabbath School Council to set a quarterly mission offering goal, and divide that goal by 14, one part for each of the 12 regular Sabbaths this quarter and two parts for Thirteenth Sabbath. Chart the weekly progress toward the offering goal on the goal device. 

One of this quarter’s projects is outreach to university-age young people throughout Czech Republic and Slovakia in central Europe. Draw and outline a map of these two countries, identifying the capitals and major population centers. Select pictures of young adults from the Internet or from magazines. Post a photo each week that the Sabbath School reaches its mission goal. If you wish, use a contrasting yarn to link the photo with one of the major cities named. Suggested cities include Prague, Brno, and Olomouc in Czech Republic and Bratislava in Slovakia. 

Remind members also that the ongoing work of the world church depends on the weekly Sabbath School mission offerings. On the twelfth Sabbath, report on mission giving during the quarter.

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