Dear Sabbath School Leader

This quarter we are focusing on the very active and fast-growing Inter-American Division (IAD). This division of the world church is made up of the countries of Central America, the four northernmost countries of South America, and the islands of the Caribbean. There are nearly 12,000 Seventh-day Adventist churches within IAD, and 3,714,790 members. With a division wide population of 284,351,000, that’s a ratio of 1 Adventist for every 76.55 people. 

We have some amazing stories for you this quarter, coming from the beautiful northeastern coastal country of Belize and from the lovely island of Jamaica. In Belize, where more than 70 percent of the church members are young people, evangelism is high on the priority list. However, in this small country there are very few large auditoriums. One of the Thirteenth Sabbath Offering projects is to build a large auditorium on a choice piece of land in the capital city of Belmopan. The other project in Belize is a much-needed youth camp, where the young people can go for recreation as well as evangelistic training.

In Jamaica, members have been ministering and restoring dignity to some of the neediest people in Kingston through the Good Samaritan Inn. You won’t want to miss the stories we have near the end of the quarter describing what is taking place there. Their Thirteenth Sabbath Offering project is to expand the Good Samaritan Inn to provide a maternal health/wellness clinic and a dental clinic. 

May the Lord bless and inspire you as you share these stories and invite people to give liberally to support our brothers and sisters in their mission outreach in the Inter-American Division!

Wishing you God’s richest blessings!

Gina Wahlen, Editor 

PS: Did you know that you don’t have to wait until the end of the quarter to give toward the Thirteenth Sabbath Offering projects? You can give anytime by going to the Make a Gift section on our secure website at and choosing “13th Sabbath Offering” from the “Fund” pull-down menu. 

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