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For more information on the cultures and history of Benin, Senegal, and other West African countries, the featured division this quarter, check the travel section of a local library, visit a travel agency and ask for brochures, or search by country name online.

Visit our Website for recipes, language pages, and other activities that you can download and print to make mission more interesting. Click on “Resources” and “Children’s Mission” in the above drop-down menu. Click on “Mission Resources” in the center of the page, and select the activity you are interested in.

Download your FREE Adventist Mission DVD at here. This free DVD contains stories from the featured countries as well as the worldwide mission of the Adventist Church. Perfect for Thirteenth Sabbath Offering appeals.

New resource—Mission 360° magazine.

Nearly 50,000 copies of Mission 360° magazines were initially mailed to Adventist churches and church members across North America. But Mission 360° is more than a traditional print magazine. It was also distributed electronically to tablets around the world. To date, it is available on three of the latest e-reader platforms, Apple’s iPad, Google’s Android tablet, and Amazon’s Kindle HD, absolutely free.

Even if you don’t have a tablet, you can still read Mission 360°electronically. Visit www.Mission360Mag.org to read it online.


Note: Some stories in this issue were reprinted from earlier editions of Mission. We hope you have enjoyed them.

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