Dear Sabbath School Leader,

We are thankful for the dedicated work Charlotte Ishkanian has done over the years. We thought you might be interested to know a little about her adventurous spirit as she traveled the globe to gather mission stories.

Mission Adventures

Charlotte has traveled to 140 countries to gather mission stories for Sabbath School. Along the way she has had many adventures, flying in ancient planes better equipped to haul cargo than people, and even riding in a car accompanied by an AK-47 rifle on the seat beside her. (She was careful not to touch it!) 

In the Philippines she took a boat to a baptism on an island. As the boat neared the shore, the passengers had to jump into a small rowboat for the trip to shore. Just as Charlotte jumped, the small boat moved,  and she landed in the mud on the bottom of the boat. Mud covered her Sabbath clothes, but she laughed as the boatman rowed to shore, where she continued interviewing people who had stories for her to share with the rest of the world.

Roughing It

She has slept in mud huts with thatched roofs (and a sheet over the door to keep the animals out) and shared “upper rooms” of church offices with odd-looking lizards and big cockroaches. She has eaten Indian curry and rice with her fingers and Chinese food with chopsticks. She has listened to stories while sitting in the back of a pickup bouncing along a rutted dirt road, while sitting on a bag of corn, and even while sitting on a tree stump. 

Charlotte has spent many months away from her children, often without e-mail or a telephone. But while she missed them, they were bound together by prayer. She most enjoyed meeting her brothers and sisters in God’s big family, bound together by His love. 

Next quarter you’ll meet Gina Wahlen, the new editor of Mission. Charlotte joins all of us as we welcome Gina to the team!


Nancy Kyte
Marketing Director

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